Month: February 2017

What’s new in the Henry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection?

The Henry Stewart Talks Business & Management Collection now contains approximately 1,000 animated lectures and case studies by leading experts from commerce, industry and academia, with February seeing the release of the first 4 talks from the new series “Business Intelligence, Big Data, and Applications in Industry.”

All Imperial College London members can view the complete collection at

Lectures and case studies are easy to integrate and embed in courses to further enrich the teaching and learning experience.  They are all compatible with Moodle, Blackboard, and other online learning management systems.

Recent releases include:

The fundamentals of business intelligence – what it does and why it’s so essential Dr. Michael McDonald – Fairfield University, USA

Big data in corporate finance Dr. Michael Puleo – Fairfield University, USA

Using social media data in investments Dr. Ying Zhang – Fairfield University, USA

Pricing strategy with business intelligence Dr. Michael McDonald – Fairfield University, USA

How WWF partnered with Nokia to promote conservation Mr. Graham Minton – Director of Corporate Relations, World Heart Federation, Switzerland

Going global: foundational ideas Prof. Anil K. Gupta – University of Maryland, USA and INSEAD, France

Entrepreneurship and Indian IT outsourcing: the good, the bad, and the money saved Prof. Rafiq Dossani – Stanford University, USA

How Southwest Airlines challenged a global crisis Dr. Kim Cameron – University of Michigan, USA

Titles in the collection can be found on Library Search. Please contact us via ASK the Library if you have any queries.



New content added to online map tools – Digimap and Geofacets

Library Services have extended our Digimap subscription to include the Aerial collection. Aerial Digimap offers detailed aerial photography from Getmapping Plc, with both a mapping and a data download facility available. Aerial Roam can be used to view, annotate and print the aerial photographs as well as an overlay function to allow comparison with current Ordnance Survey mapping. Aerial Download can be used to download the data for use in GIS or CAD (e.g. ArcGIS). Data is delivered in jpeg format each with a corresponding world file (.jgw).

New content has also been added to the Geofacets database. In addition to over 650,000 geological maps and data in the journal literature already available, the new content includes figures and tables such as seismic profiles, stratigraphic columns, photographs, well logs and data. As with the maps and data, this new content can also be downloaded and integrated with tools such as ArcGIS, GoogleEarth, Excel and Petrel.

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