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UPDATE: Imperial College London Library is providing free Overleaf Pro+ accounts for all students, staff, and researchers who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX editor for their projects, see Imperial College London on Overleaf.

Library Services has arranged a one year free trial of Overleaf available to all Imperial College London staff and students.

As a College member you will be able to upgrade to an Overleaf pro account free. If you already have an Overleaf account it is easy to upgrade, see How do I get a Free Pro account. If you aren’t sure what Overleaf is, please read on.

What is Overleaf?

Overleaf is an online writing and publishing tool specifically for scientific writing. It is great for writing Rich text or LaTeX papers.

The Key features of Overleaf:

  • Overleaf helps to facilitate your workflows f
  • or publishing articles and papers with templates from some of the top scientific publishers
  • Online collaborative scientific writing tool which makes it easy to manage working with collaborators
  • You can collaborate in real time, you can leave notes, make comments and track changes easily
  • Live preview makes it easy to use and helps you to spot errors early

How do I use Overleaf?

Overleaf has the benefit of being easy to get started with. The Overleaf tutorial will get you started.

Overleaf has a useful 3 part course introduction to LaTeX.

How do I get a Free Pro account?

It is easy to take advantage of the free trial, just sign up for a FREE Overleaf pro account.

Use your Imperial College London email address and you will be able to upgrade to a free pro account with either an existing account or a new account (expires on Saturday 30 September 2017).

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