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The Great Debate 2013 – Raising Standards in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty

On the 20th and 21st June, the MSk Lab ran the Great Debate for the second time after taking the gauntlet on from industry who had organised it in previous years. Professor Cobb is one of the founders of the meeting 7 years ago and chaired the event since its inception – so last year it was great to finally bring it in house.

The Great Debate is a two day interactive conference which gives the attendees opportunities to vote on topical issues in hip and knee arthroplasty, as well as question the faculty on controversial themes in the session debates.

Holographic education

Dr Kapil Sugand graduated from Imperial College in 2010 with an intercalated BSc in Surgery & Anaesthesia. On behalf of MSk Lab, Dr Sugand has represented at public engagement events on simulation.

Alongside clinical training, Dr Sugand is currently pursuing a PhD in surgical trauma simulation and educational technology under the supervision of Mr Gupte & Prof Cobb.  He is currently conducting research with a multi-disciplinary team within the following multimedia modalities to train safer surgeons and to ultimately enhance patient safety:

Holograms have the power to visually communicate with greater immersive impact than other presentation modalities so that patients may be able to understand the disease process and management options more effectively.

Dance, Karate and a coming of age story. Edition 4

We hope you have had a good start to the summer and have been enjoying the sunshine.

The Lab Report is back bringing you up to date with recent developments from the MSk Lab.

Thank you to Marie Xeridat for letting us include her story of how she has returned to a rigorous Karate training regime after having a uni-knee.

Our Bone Boffin tells us a coming of age story …

….and plenty more.

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‘Teaching your fingers to see’ at the Royal Institute

On the 22nd May 2013 Mr Kash Akhtar, who was representing the MSk Lab, took part in an event at the Royal Institute with other colleagues from Imperial College. The evening was called ‘Teaching your fingers to see’ and was all about:

How does a surgeon master his craft or a GP diagnose through palpation? Join a team from Imperial College London to explore the fascinating world of haptics in surgery, medicine and beyond. Seeing is believing, touching is haptics!”

Mr Kash Akhtar was invited to participate due to one of many simulation projects he has been involved with assisting hip and knee arthroplasty.

Mr Kash Akhtar and the Winston Churchill Fellowship

Recently Mr Kash Akhtar was awarded a prize at the British Association for Surgery of the Knee (BASK) 2013 Annual Conference for his work on assessing surgical skills using a Virtual Reality knee arthroscopy simulator, which is just one of his many achievements of late. The most prestigious was receiving a Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship.

“I was surprised to be awarded the Fellowship as there is stiff competition with over 1200 people applying, for 100 places, from all walks of life with wide ranging and fascinating projects such as therapeutic horticulture, millinery, iron art casting, corporate social responsibility, renewable energy generation and the use of theatre in engaging marginalised young people.

‘Going that extra mile’ – what does a camel have to do with it? : Lab Report Edition 3

Happy New Year and we hope you had a relaxing and festive Christmas.

To welcome 2013,The Lab Report is back bringing you up to date with recent developments from the MSk Lab.

Thank you to Lady Chichester (and Therese) for letting us include her story of a ‘miraculous’ total hip replacement.

Our Bone Boffin tells us a a tale of two sexes …

….and plenty more.

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Rosalind Marshall Claims Joint First Prize for her Research into Gait

I am currently a 5th year medical student at Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM), and have been undertaking research within the MSk lab since my third year under the direction of Professor Cobb. I have been researching how gait changes after having a knee replacement using an ‘instrumented treadmill’, and whether we can produce a simpler way of looking at and translating the data.

In August, ICSM undergraduates were invited by the medical school’s Surgical Society in partnership with the Charing Cross academic vascular surgery department to submit research work that has been published or presented for the ‘Professor Alun Davies Prize for Undergraduate Research Excellence‘.