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The flying, hockey playing MD(res) researcher from Australia

My story by Anthony Leong

I was born in Singapore and because my parents passed away from a very young age, I was pretty independent right from the very beginning. If there is one thing my mother taught me early in life which I attribute to where I am today, it would be the most important thing to have in the world is a good education, and that no one will help me more than myself. Typical of Chinese culture, my mother was harsh and would expect me to have at least 98% in all my exams; if not I was met with severe punishment!

Martin Jaere and PSI (Patient Specific Instruments)

My name is Martin Jaere, I am a Medical Doctor from Norway and currently undertaking a double masters; MA and MSc in Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. This summer I have been working as a research assistant with Dr Susannah Clarke at the MSK Lab on Patient Specific Instruments (PSI), which is one of the many exciting projects going on in the Lab.   The theory behind PSI is that new manufacturing processes can help improve the work of the surgeon when it comes to accuracy and time taken in the operating theatre; in addition to drastically reducing the number of surgical tools needed for the operation.

Ms Chloe Chiou: 6 month research placement

“I’m Chloe Chiou, a PhD student from the department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology from National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. The National Science Council of Taipei strongly supports and encourages international collaborations between colleges. It is for this reason I applied to Imperial College and owe a huge thanks to Professor Alison McGregor and Dr Paul Strutton for approving my place here, allowing me to join the MSk Lab and assist in research for the next six months.

The project I am working on here is to investigate the way the nervous system controls the trunk muscles, particularly focusing on people with low back pain by using transcranial magnetic stimulation as a tool.

Justin Boey: Research Intern at MSk Lab (Summer 2012)

“I am Justin Boey, 3rd year medical student from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. It has been a privilege to participate in a summer research internship at the MSk Lab, Imperial College London, as part of my 3rd year electives. This internship is also part of a research collaboration between the International Offices of National University of Singapore and Imperial College London with sponsorship from Santander Bank.

Back in Singapore, I was involved in clinical and translational research in the fields of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery. Despite having prior research experience, my stint at the MSk Lab was both an eye-opener as well as a valuable learning experience.