Rosalind Marshall Claims Joint First Prize for her Research into Gait

Rosalind Marshall (on left)

I am currently a 5th year medical student at Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM), and have been undertaking research within the MSk lab since my third year under the direction of Professor Cobb. I have been researching how gait changes after having a knee replacement using an ‘instrumented treadmill’, and whether we can produce a simpler way of looking at and translating the data.

In August, ICSM undergraduates were invited by the medical school’s Surgical Society in partnership with the Charing Cross academic vascular surgery department to submit research work that has been published or presented for the ‘Professor Alun Davies Prize for Undergraduate Research Excellence‘. I submitted my poster on the gait of patients with osteoarthritis before undergoing their knee replacements, which I presented at the BASK annual meeting 2012. I was one of three undergraduates shortlisted to give a presentation on this research in front of Prof. Alison McGregor, Prof. Ceri Davies and Prof. Alun Davies, as well as a panel of other judges. I was very pleased to be awarded joint first place alongside final-year student Sarah Mason (for her work on a vascular surgery error capture tool).

Of course, none of this would have been possible if it were not for all of the patients who have had their gait tested on the treadmill, Prof. Cobb, Victoria Manning, and everyone else within the department – so a huge thank you to them!

Below are some graphs which I have developed as a tool to interpret the data that the treadmill collates.

No OA - pre op
No OA - post op
With OA - pre op
With OA - post op



One comment for “Rosalind Marshall Claims Joint First Prize for her Research into Gait

  1. Congragualations on the first place award! That had to have been very honoring to recieve a joint award with a final-grad student..?

    My son is an inlisted man and has to undergo very long distances on foot under severe conditions. That said, the subject is very interesting to me considering what the young men and women have to physically deal with while on their military tours.

    Again, congragualations on you achievment and hope you’ll continue your studies on human gait.

    Appreciate your research –


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