The busy Bone Boffin

September has been a busy month for our resident Bone Boffin (aka Dr Richard Abel). Giving talks at a number of events and conferences, here is a little snapshot of what he has been up to…

Richie was invited to give a public talk at the Café Scientifique Launceston (Cornwall, UK) by Colin Webb. The Café Scientifique is a place where anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Meetings are always outside a traditional academic context in order to encourage visitors to pop along. The talk was entitled “What Lies beneath” and explained how 3D Imaging technology is advancing biology and medicine.



The MSk Lab attended the British Orthopaedic Association annual meeting – the poorly acronymed “BORS”. Frank (top right) and Alison (bottom left) did great turns as speaker and keynote. Richie topped them both though with his dazzling display of wheelchair basketball skills (so fast he’s only a blur).

Richie visited the Diamond Light Source (Didcot Parkway, UK). The UK’s national synchrotron science facility. By accelerating electrons to near light-speed, Diamond generates brilliant X-ray beams which Andi Jin is using to create 3D models of bone micro-cracks .

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