Justin Boey: Research Intern at MSk Lab (Summer 2012)

“I am Justin Boey, 3rd year medical student from Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. It has been a privilege to participate in a summer research internship at the MSk Lab, Imperial College London, as part of my 3rd year electives. This internship is also part of a research collaboration between the International Offices of National University of Singapore and Imperial College London with sponsorship from Santander Bank.

Back in Singapore, I was involved in clinical and translational research in the fields of Orthopaedics and Spine Surgery. Despite having prior research experience, my stint at the MSk Lab was both an eye-opener as well as a valuable learning experience.

The MSk Lab is a leader in the field of Orthopaedic Research. I am impressed at the professionalism and depth of knowledge of the undergraduate, post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers in the Lab. The research atmosphere was stimulating and intense with a smorgasbord of different personalities and backgrounds. There were researchers from different undergraduate majors (Bio-engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Doctors) and different parts of the world (USA, Australia, China). All these elements form an integral part of an exciting brew of intellectual curiosity and exchange of ideas.

I believe that the hands-on approach of my supervisors is also another reason why the MSk Lab is able to constantly innovate and produce ground-breaking research. Research is a long-drawn and resource-intensive affair that requires the utmost commitment from the investigators.

The research focus of the Lab has great potential for impact on future clinical practice, surgical techniques and implant design. For example, my treadmill study on how knee replacement patients walk after surgery has the potential for application in the decision-making process of surgeons as well as for knee implant design. Another study on the shape of the patella will have application in terms of implant design and surgical technique.

The Musculoskeletal Lab is, no doubt, impressive with their current international collaboration and funding. However, I believe that the best is yet to be for this research institution. I wish Professor Cobb and his dedicated team all the best in their future research endeavours and continued support from their benefactors.”

By Justin Boey


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