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Professor Ailsa Hart appointed Honorary Skou Professor

Congratulations to Professor Ailsa Hart who has been appointed Honorary Skou Professor at Aarhus University, Denmark.

Aarhus University is honouring internationally esteemed researchers with a goal of fostering closer ties between institutions. The title was created in honour of Nobel Laureate Professor Jens Skou with the aim of recognising the importance of international research collaboration.

In total, 43 top researchers (12 women and 31 men) from international elite universities have been appointed and will be inaugurated later this year. A total of 12 different counties and 36 universities are represented.  The Skou Professors will participate in research initiatives, give guest lectures and be co-applicants on funding applications.

Essential information about the new Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

Welcome to the new Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction!

Below you will find some essential information about the new Department, as well as details about administrative systems and support.


As a new Department, it is extremely important that we talk about and promote it as clearly and consistently as possible. It will take time to build the profile of the Department but consistently will help speed the process along. To support you, we have created MDR Style and Communications Guidelines containing boilerplate descriptions for the Department, Divisions and key areas of work. Where possible, please follow these recommended style and communications guidelines, as they will lead to engaging and credible communications.

Please make sure that all your email signatures, twitter profiles, LinkedIn profiles and other public facing references to your place of employment are updated to the Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction.


Systems closure during re-organisation transition period

Due to cost centre changes for some Depts and some PIs, any existing grant/funding transactions which are in flight without final approval may not appear in the new “organisation” code when the changes have been made, therefore existing proposals MUST be fully approved by COB 23 July. This relates to POs, journals, staff requests, expenses etc, hence you will need inform the approver(s) in the approval hierarchy of any transactions awaiting their approval. If you have a grant deadline between 24 July – 5 August, you are encouraged to contact your Section Manager as soon as possible. (more…)