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David Gordon, Mobile Supervisor, Security Services

“From providing security advice, to stopping bike thieves and giving CPR to save someone’s life on campus – I love the work I do.”

Before joining Imperial, I worked in the Home Office for 13 years in a variety of roles, the last being working on the Cutter Fleet – this involved boarding vessels out at sea and looking for drugs, firearms and other prohibited items.

I joined Imperial in 2015 as a Senior Security Officer. My current role as a Mobile Supervisor focuses on overseeing security operations at all Imperial’s campuses, and I share responsibility for 114 members of staff. I am fortunate that I get to work across all campuses, and enjoy meeting and engaging with all our stakeholders. (more…)

Kitan Oyeleke, Undergraduate, Department of Chemical Engineering

“I am lucky to have lecturers who are leaders in their fields, friends who are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and access to a wealth of resources.”

Celebrating our community for Black History Month

I’m the type of person that likes to be involved in activities beyond studying, and the range of clubs and societies that Imperial offered were very attractive to me. Since starting at the College, I have joined the Netball club, African Caribbean Society (ACS) and the Engineering Change Society.

I’m really aware of the opportunities I have as an Imperial student. I think it’s quite easy to take things for granted when you’re dealing with the general stress of university, but I am lucky to have lecturers who are leaders in their fields, friends who are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and access to a wealth of resources. I spend half of my year back home in Nigeria and the other half in the UK, and even on the other side of the world in Lagos, being an Imperial student has opened so many doors. (more…)

Christopher Bamikole, Laboratory Manager and Section Safety Coordinator, Department of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction

“My role is centred on helping people, from senior academics who need resources and space for their groups to conduct experiments, to ensuring the safety of junior researchers.”

Celebrating our community for Black History Month

I’ve worked at Imperial for over five years now, and in that time my role has changed significantly from a junior support role to a managerial one. My role is centred on helping people, from senior academics who need the resources and space for their groups to carry out experiments, to ensuring the safety of junior researchers. (more…)

Oluseyi Oduntan, Health & Safety Advisor (Construction), Estates Division

“I’m currently carrying out site inspections at the student accommodation in North Acton, as well as Scale Space at the White City Campus.”

Celebrating our community for Black History Month

I was born and raised in Nigeria, where I studied industrial chemistry at the University of Ilorin. I wanted to further my career in health and safety, so moved to the UK a few years later and began working for Coca-Cola Enterprise, and then for the NHS – I spent 11 years at both organisations. (more…)

Dr Aleisha Miller, Clinical Project Manager, Department of Infectious Disease

“My job can range from dealing with a temperature change in a pharmacy fridge, to simply offering a listening ear to my team during challenging times.”

Celebrating our community for Black History Month

I started my career as a scientific researcher in reproductive immunology, obtaining degrees from The Royal Veterinary College, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Liverpool University.

Looking back, I feel like I stumbled into the world of clinical trials by accident when I applied and successfully got the position as a study monitor at Queen Mary University of London. I started my career at Imperial in 2013, where I was appointed as a Trial Manager at the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit overseeing their HIV portfolio, which was fairly new at the time. You could say that I worked my way up to my current role as a Clinical Project Manager at Imperial. (more…)

Dr Ana Luisa Neves, Research Fellow in Clinical Analytics and Patient Safety, Institute of Global Health Innovation

“I have co-founded a startup to improve maternal health in low-income countries, which has been internationally recognised – an old dream inspired by my experiences as a volunteer GP in low-income countries.”

 I was born and raised in Portugal, where I qualified in Medicine and obtained my MSc from the University of Porto. After undertaking academic and research placements at the Harvard Medical School affiliate Cambridge Health Alliance in Boston, and at the Institut National de la Santé et Recherche Médicale in Paris, I decided to build a career in research and academia. My goal was to bring together my clinical and research experience to deliver safe and more patient-centred care. (more…)

Pooya Hoseinpoori, Research Postgraduate, Centre for Environmental Policy

“I am developing a framework to compare different low-carbon pathways for domestic and industrial heating services.”

I was born and raised in Ahvaz, Iran, and left home at the age of 18 to study – this was the beginning of a long journey for me. I received my BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the KN Toosi University of Technology in Tehran, and then attained my MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy and RWTH Aachen University in Germany. I joined Imperial as a PhD student in the summer of 2017. Living, working and studying in different places has shaped me into a more independent and adaptable researcher. At the same time, being part of a diverse academic community has made me appreciate broader opinions and expertise. (more…)

Dr Yoyo Dixon, Senior Laboratory Manager, Department of Surgery & Cancer

“I currently lead a small team to ensure the effective deployment of laboratory resources and services across the division and our many different work sites and locations.”

I joined Imperial in 2008 as a Research Associate in the Institute of Clinical Sciences. Towards the end of postdoc contract, an opportunity for laboratory management came up, and I was offered the role and joined the Department of Surgery and Cancer in 2010. My role was based in quite a complex building, Cyclotron, which has now been demolished and is being re-built. There were numerous infrastructure problems with power supply, water and general building services. However, under minimal supervision and relatively little experience, I have successfully kept things running within the building to allow researchers to continue their work with minimal disruption.


Nikita Rathod, Communications and Events Officer, Institute of Global Health Innovation

“I feel fortunate to play a part in raising awareness of the valuable work that comes out of our Institute, and to present it in a way that does the research justice.”

I joined the Institute of Global Health Innovation (IGHI) at Imperial in 2016 after working for a higher education organisation. I wanted a role that gave me the space to explore my creative side in writing, design and social media while using my skills in events organisation. (more…)

Dr Dimitra Gialama, Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering

“I have coached younger scientists and organised STEM outreach activities for several years. Recently, I initiated a collaboration with the University of the Arts London, teaching art students basic scientific principles”.

I finished my MRes in Biochemical Research at Imperial and I was happy to return in August 2018 to work as a Research Associate at the Department of Chemical Engineering. Previously, I completed my diploma in chemical engineering and my PhD in microbial biotechnology at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. During my career journey I have worked on diverse bioscience-related research topics and to complement my research, I have coached younger scientists and organised STEM outreach activities for several years. Recently, I initiated a collaboration with the University of the Arts, teaching art students basic scientific principles.

Currently, I am leading an innovative project around the characterization of host-construct interactions in mammalian cells in order to advance Bioprocessing with Synthetic Biology. This means that the aim is to understand cell-target protein (product) interactions to increase the target protein yield in mammalian cells using synthetic biology tools. Mammalian cells are important production vehicles for the pharmaceutical industry. What I mostly enjoy about this role is applying my knowledge and expertise to lead lab and project set-up, deliver exciting initial results, all the while bringing new approaches to the project. Working in a new lab, in a new project makes the output of my work very satisfying and rewarding for me.

As a junior member of staff at Imperial, apart from the extremely interesting research and the lovely friendly atmosphere, I appreciate the College’s policy to respect and support the personal development of the staff. The Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre offers the option to attend influential seminars and workshops on interesting topics. I believe these personal development opportunities at Imperial have contributed to my development as a well-rounded scientist and have helped me to identify and pursue new opportunities for my future.