Category: Jury Service

I have been called for Jury Service. What happens if the case lasts for several months?

If an individual is called for Jury Service and selected and it is known at the outset, or becomes apparent, that the case is likely to last for several months the individual must let their line manager know immediately so that any necessary local arrangements can be made for cover during their absence.

I am a line manager and one of my staff has been called for Jury Service. It will be inconvenient to my section for this person to be absent. Is there anything I can do?

Jury Service is a matter between the individual called and the court. In certain circumstances, a line manager may support the individual’s case for deferment (see above) if necessary. If it is solely a question of convenience, there is nothing a line manager can do to prevent an individual member of staff being called to attend for Jury Service.

I have been called for Jury Service. What happens to my pay?

The Court Service will provide you with a Loss of Earnings form. Your line manager will need to check your daily pay rate with Payroll Team and complete the form for the appropriate amount. You will receive payment and a remittance advice from the court for the amount you are being reimbursed. You will then need to make a personal cheque payable to Imperial College and send this, with your remittance advice from the court, to the Payroll Team.