Month: July 2013

Local Pay Award 2013/14

Local Pay Bargaining takes place on an annual basis at Imperial, involving negotiations between the College and the Joint Trades Unions (JTUs).

Following the last local pay bargaining meeting on 9 July, the JTUs have confirmed their formal acceptance of the College’s local pay offer of 2% effective from 1 August 2013.

The College’s pay scales and schedules of allowances have been updated to incorporate this increase. This applies to all staff on terms and conditions subject to local pay bargaining. Payment at the appropriate new rates will be made in August 2013 salaries.

For copies of the revised scales and allowances, please view the HR Salaries web page.

 To read further information from this year’s local pay bargaining negotiations, including the JTUs pay claim and the College’s responses and final pay offer, please view the HR Local Pay Award 2013/14 web page.

Staff who elected to remain on terms and conditions subject to national pay bargaining are advised that national negotiations are ongoing and the employers’ final offer of 1% has been rejected by the national trades unions.   Further information on the outcome of the national negotiations will be available in due course.