How will my fixed-term contract impact on my adoption/surrogacy leave and pay entitlements?

Where you have a fixed term contract and qualify for adoption/surrogacy leave, you will be accorded the same entitlements as comparable staff employed on permanent contracts. If there is funding available to extend a fixed term contract, the extension will be offered regardless of the adoption/surrogacy leave. A non-renewal of contract due to reasons related to adoption/surrogacy could constitute sex discrimination.

If the contract end date falls within the period of adoption/surrogacy leave and the contract is not renewed, any College benefits due will continue up to the date of termination of the contract and will cease on termination of employment. Where you are entitled to 39 weeks Statutory Adoption Pay and there has been less than 39 weeks of adoption pay at the termination date, the College will continue to pay the remainder of the Statutory Adoption Pay. 

Where, as an alternative to adoption, the baby is the subject of a Parental Order following a legal surrogacy arrangement,   there will be no legal entitlement to Statutory Leave and Pay.  Therefore, all payments will cease on termination of employment.