How will sickness absence impact on my maternity leave arrangements?

Sickness Absence Prior to Maternity Leave

Staff absent from work due to illness, will normally be able to take sick leave in line with the College sickness absence scheme until she starts maternity leave on the date notified. If the illness is unrelated to pregnancy the member of staff can remain on sick leave and receive Occupational Sick Pay/Statutory Sick Pay/Incapacity Benefit right up to the date of the baby’s birth or until the date the member of staff has notified as the intended start date of her maternity leave.

If the member of staff is absent from work during the 4 weeks before the expected week of childbirth due to pregnancy-related illness, the maternity leave period starts automatically. This applies even if the day of absence is before the date the member of staff has notified as the date on which she intends her leave to commence. Once maternity leave has started, it will run continuously until after the baby is born and the member of staff is due to return to work. Staff cannot stop and restart a period of maternity leave.

Postponing the Date of Return due to Sickness

If unable to attend work at the end of the maternity leave due to sickness, the normal

arrangements for sickness absence will apply. The manager should be notified of any sickness absence, and kept informed of progress in the normal way.