Can I change my maternity / adoption / surrogacy leave dates?

Once you notify your line manager and HR of the date you wish to start your leave, you can change this date provided you notify your manager and HR of the new start date by whichever is the earlier of:

  • 28 days before the date she originally intended to start or leave


  • 28 days before the new date you want to start your leave

Where it is not reasonably practicable for you to give this much notice (for example, in the case of maternity if the baby is born early and you have to start your leave straight away) then you do not have to give this notice.  In these circumstances you should inform the College of the revised date as soon as is practicable.

Once a member of staff has notified her line manager and HR, in writing, of the intended start date of maternity leave, the Senior HR Administrator will, within 28 days, write to the member of staff to notify her of her rights and of the date on which her maternity leave will end.