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Imperial in the news: music and medicine

An innovative collaboration between Professor Roger Kneebone [Surgery & Cancer] and Professor Aaron Williamson, of the Royal College of Music, explores the similarities between surgeons and musicians in performance.

Surgeons and musicians are both required to perform perfectly under pressure. Both go through routines in advance of their performance, which also closely match their mental preparations.

Professors Kneebone and Williamson discuss the parallels between the groups, including instruments, techniques and the theatres in which they perform, and the stress and tensions that they might be experiencing.

This documentary on BBC Radio 3 features the thoughts of junior surgeons and young cellists about how they get ready and focussed for their work, as well as what they consider during their performance and the distractions that they need to manage.

Imperial in the news: pioneering oesophageal treatment

Dr Chris Fraser [Medicine], who works at St Mark’s hospital in Harrow, has pioneered a new treatment for people affected by gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), which in time can lead to conditions ranging from heartburn to cancer if left untreated. As an alternative to the more invasive surgery that is the standard treatment for severe conditions, a procedure called Stretta strengthens the muscles at the bottom of the oesophagus to prevent stomach acid from rising. 85 per cent of patients are off of medication within four years of this treatment.

Featured in the Daily Mail is the story of Jeff Sandford, who was badly affected by GORD.