Toasty thank you on ‘Saturday Live’

The programme ‘Saturday Live’ on Radio 4 has a regular slot where listeners say ‘thank you’ for good deeds. Health care professionals are regularly thanked on the show. Today (3 January) there was a lovely item in which a nurse was interviewed about thanks expressed by patients. The story started some months ago when a patient, Rami Seth (sp?), came on to express thanks for a slice of warm toast smuggled in by nurse Rosie Wilson while he was recovering from major surgery. Rosie spoke eloquently about how touched she was to hear the thanks expressed. It brought home how a small gesture, such as delivering a slice of warm toast, can mean a great deal to patients. Rosie said the biggest thanks is when patients come back, restored to health. The item is available on the iplayer here, 48:00 to 53:00.

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