Month: January 2015

Happy new year!!! Welcome 2015!!! Finally you’re here!

Hi Everyone!

Finally 2015 is here! What a dreadful year for the airline industry 2014 has been. Hope that 2015 will be a year filled with happiness. More photos from my memorable days in London.

One for the album with England’s greatest!
I always admired this guy as a kid! E=mc^2!!!
My James Bond! I loved his Scottish accent.
At the great Madame Tussauds! I’ve always wanted to visit this place… Finally!
My pop icon when I was a kid. What a legend!



































O level results are expected to be released on 12 Jan 2015. For those of you who will get good results, good luck with your future academic path! For those who do not get the expected results, do not despair. Just Penciltutor your O levels! Check out these videos on Youtube!

More photos in my next post!

Ciao Ciao!