Month: September 2014

MPC10 Submitted!!!

Finally submitted my thesis! Every time I read it there is something that I’m not happy with and I keep editing it again and again… Aaaarrrggh! Ok call me Mr perfectionist but I think I have submitted a quality piece of research… Well at the end of the day, I think that’s what matters. You know it just seems like yesterday that we had the welcome dinner at 170 Queensgate in the Solar room at South Kensington, but its been a year now… Wow!


Here are some photos from last year’s welcome dinner.





















I won’t be going for this year’s farewell dinner (*sighs) but hey this course has been amazing and I’m glad I’ve made long lasting friendships at Imperial   Finally after 8 years overseas I also get to celebrate Deepavali (or Diwali) with my family here in Singapore this year…. This is a shot of Diwali celebrations in London.









Alright then…I will be backwith more photos soon…Cheers!