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Interpreting your Google Analytics data

Dog behind a laptop showing Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool which tracks how people interact with the pages they visit, this includes:

  • which pages they go to
  • how long they spend on them
  • where they came from i.e. did they use a search, type a web address in directly, click on a link in a newsletter etc.
  • what type of device they used
  • where in the world they were

and much much more.

Google Analytics records hundreds and hundreds of types of information that you can combine to build a picture of how people use our websites. Having access to all this data can be overwhelming and most of you won’t have the time (or patience) to trawl through it all.  We just need a few pieces of information to help us understand how our site is performing.

In this post I’ll explain some of main metrics to look out for and how you should interpret these to inform your content decisions. (more…)

Enduring excellence in research goes digital

A few months ago the Research Office approached us to help them turn their publication, Enduring excellence in research, into a set of web pages. I thought it might be interesting to use this example to explore some of the challenges of presenting a printed document online and the approach we took.


Happy blogday!

Cake with "Happy Birthday" and the number 1 on it.


Wow, has it been a year already? The content design blog is celebrating its first birthday.

In this post I thought I would share some of the highlights of the year with a list of the most read posts:

  1. Tools for card sorting and tree testing – 12 February 2018
  2. Content design techniques: content audits – 1 February 2018
  3. Content design techniques: User and job stories – 17 May 2018
  4. Content design techniques: pair writing – 15 June 2018
  5. Content design techniques: card sorting – 19 March 2018
  6. Techniques: Content discovery and audience mapping – 2 October 2018
  7. Tools for collaborative writing – 19 July 2018


New year’s resolutions for your content


Small dog wearing sunglasses with a glass of champagne holding a laptop displaying the Content Design blog.

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a good break and is feeling refreshed and energised.

It is that time of the year for making all those little promises to yourself like shedding those extra Christmas pounds in the gym, quitting a bad habit or learning another language. If those sound like hard work, then you could make some content resolutions to improve the pages you look after. Here are a few suggestions to make the web a better place in 2019. I promise that none of them involve eating kale! (more…)