Author: amh111

KEEN London Finale

The final week at KEEN London, how the days flew by! My task this week was mainly focused on the requirements of the new site. I carried out an inventory of all the equipment KEEN has, involving toys, clothing, first aid kit etc. so that we could have a list of the things to purchase for the new site in east London. Moreover, we had a few raising awareness sessions at the KEEN Office, where we spoke to teenagers from the local schools, introducing them to KEEN and the volunteering recruitment programme in the hope to raise interest and provide new opportunities to KEEN East London.

KEEN London Fundraising_Part 2

In my last blog, I mentioned that most of my work was focusing on organising fundraising events for KEEN, so today I would like to share another project that I organised, which I must say was very different from what I expected and helped me develop many new skills.

The project entitled the design of an online survey. KEEN has been running for 10 years now, and the organisations who kindly fund KEEN London require a tangible outcome of how KEEN has had an impact on the children/teens that attend it, which means they want to know how it benefited them in their daily lives at home and at school.

KEEN Fundraising_Part 1

Hello everyone! It has been such a busy time at KEEN! As I previously mentioned KEEN London is a charity that works with children with disabilities in north London.  This charity has been running for 10 years now and there are plans of expanding it to East London. By November, KEEN will be offering sessions in a new site in order to accommodate more children, recruit more volunteers and provide more opportunities for the East Londoners!

This is a big project that requires a budget of £45,000! What a huge number! That is why most of my project has been focusing on organising fundraising events for this amazing charity.

KEEN London WEEK 1!!

It has been such a busy week here at KEEN!! I have enjoyed every bit of it so far! Just to give you a small insight on KEEN London. It is a charity that works with special needs children and provides a safe environment for them to socialise by organising recreational events, sports sessions, arts and crafts and so much more! It runs thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of many volunteers, that spare a couple of hours on a Sunday to enjoy themselves and make a kid smile!

I have been volunteering for KEEN myself for over a year, and that is when I realised I wanted to help out more!