UCCF: Week 4

My fourth week at UCCF brought me to face some different challenges, as my supervisor was on holiday. He had given me good guidance as to what I needed to achieve in the last week before finishing, so I was reasonably confident that I would be able to finish my work on my project well and hand over all of the information that I needed to in anticipation of my departure.

However, in doing this, I encountered a slight complication as I discovered that one of the people working on the project was due to go on holiday over an important date. Not being able to ask my supervisor straight away (as I would have in a previous week) made me feel a bit unsure about what to do. Learning from what I’d experienced earlier in the project in similar situations, I realised it was good to put a mini proposal together regarding what the options and associated implications were at this point, as the decision could wait until my supervisor got back from his holiday. This proposal then formed part of my handover notes so that my supervisor could act on it upon his return.

I also had an opportunity to propose and manage a smaller project within my main project. As the project was orientated around making the Uncover booklet more accessible to people with lower English abilities, part of my work was also to analyse other resources in the broader Uncover project and look for ways to make them more accessible. One of the other major parts of the Uncover project is the videos found on the website. These feature a person talking about a part of the booklet, and bring it into the context of today’s world. As these were presented by a variety of people with a variety of accents (Welsh, Scottish, southern…), we thought that this could present an issue for some people trying to understand them, so I proposed that we add subtitles to these videos in order to increase their comprehensibility.

This was swiftly given the go ahead by my supervisor (this happened just before he went away), and so I set to work researching how to add subtitles to the videos, which were both hosted on YouTube, and also separately on their own website. I thought this might caused some issues at first, but my research revealed that we could use broadly the same method to add subtitles to both websites, using some of the tools within YouTube to enhance this process. Finally, I was tasked with teaching my method to one of the office administrators so that she could continue on the remaining videos after my departure. I really enjoyed this mini project, as it was mainly self-contained from conception to completion, with very little influence from my supervisor, and I was also able to use the skills that I had picked up over the previous three weeks in managing a project and implement them on a smaller scale by myself.

At the end of my internship I would say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and have learnt a lot both about the work of UCCF, and also project management in general. I hope that my work has helped UCCF to make their resources more accessible, and allow them to have a wider reach.

Thanks for reading this blog, I hope you’ve enjoyed it!


Opinions expressed in this blog post are my own, and do not necessarily represent that of UCCF: The Christian Unions or of Imperial College London


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