Second week at PureLeapfrog

I am more than half-way through this four week journey and it seems that time is escaping. So much of consequence has occurred between the last blog post and now.

In terms of project, I have learned new skills mainly to do with designing and synthesizing new ideas. The map (see image) that I was tasked with constructing is now nearing it’s finishing touches and I am glad for the opportunity to have been part of a team.


The initial scribbling of the map.


After watching the day to day ebb and flow of the office, it has become more apparent that it is the people that surround you that matter to a much greater extent than any idea ever could. The sense of camaderie and togetherness in pursuing our goals and vision is trying fascinating and it is this feeling that I will seek in future.

Speaking of the future, where do I see myself next year, or in three, or five years? The United Kingdom was to become my new home, where I would “make my dent in the universe”, now it seems the country is headed inextricably towards uncertainty, pessimism and division. My future has become a whole lot more uncertain since the first blog post.

My CEO Alex, as well as my Horizon’s mentor Martin have been an important source of comfort and groundedness in this new up in the air world. Alex has told me not to worry too much aas he figures that for the most part things will continue as they always have. Meanwhile Martin gave me some sanguine advice about the tyranny that is our own mind. How crisis often has a way of starting in the mind and propagating through our bodies and into the wider world. He told me that solutions therefore have to come from within as we seek the optimism and excitement within the world no matter the events of the past weeks, months, or years. I hope that I can embody that spirit.

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