For the past week, my work has been based around obtaining sponsorship, big and small, for general operation and the annual dinner.

As London Tigers is a sports-based charity, I made a list of companies that were sports or fitness related and had some kind of donation request form on their websites or accepted sponsorship proposals. The sports based organisations included brands such as Umbro, Lucozade and Nike to name a few. For these companies, the application was relatively shorter with more simple online forms asking whether we were asking for cash or product, what it was going to be used for and how the company would benefit. These were good to start off with and practise proposals with as it gave me an idea of what I would need to include in a sponsorship proposal I would have to do from scratch.



Using experience from form-filling out to 5 companies, I came across a major airline that dedicated a lot of online space for organisations after their sponsorship. Many of the websites I came across earlier stated that they did not accept unsolicited proposals so it took some time to find any that did. This airline application not only required a proposal in the form of a Powerpoint, an official letter to accompany it, up to 3 more attachments AND an extensive application form. It took some time to complete all of it and to decide what to apply for – the Sports Complex or the Annual Awards? Or both? Even though this application/proposal was time-consuming to compile, it was an excellent experience.

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