First week At Portsmouth British Red Cross

Hi everyone!

I thought I would let you know what I have been up to on my charity insights placement and a little bit about me/ my project.


So why did you choose the British Red Cross as your charity?

Well I have been a Volunteer with them for 4 years as a Peer Educator in First Aid and love it, so it was an obvious choice. They are always keen to take on Interns to help out as well!


What is the project and why are you doing it?

I am working in the People and Learning department where I am linking two pieces of research data together, one on volunteer rentention ( quantitative) and a second on staff and volunteer engagement (focus groups). From this we hope to *reads off from piece of paper*: Aid Area Business planning, improve volunteer engagement and improve staff rentention of volunteers. So serious and important stuff.


So, What have you been doing?

Well I have been getting to grips with the project and fully understanding it as the outcomes have to be presented to the Area Management team (Ekk!). We also had to overcome some problems …. We found out we were missing data for the project. 3 months of data had not been sent to us! This meant that the spreadsheet with all of the data we had anaylsed was totally false. So Wednesday and Thursday were days of looking  at the spreadsheet and sorting graphs out and adding formulas to it. Thankfully we got it all sorted and I remembered how to work Excel again! We thought that we might have to wait until Friday to sort it as the spreadsheet had been created by another intern. I have also started to link the projects together by using a table as a layout for planning my report.

Some planning notes for my project
Some planning notes for my project


Overall, it has been a great first week and I have really enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the rest!


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