IDEAs for the future

My internship at IDEA has really shaped my thoughts for future careers.

Lots of students at Imperial are driven by two career prospects : the hardcore pursuit of scientific knowledge and wanting to “sell out to the man” and get a high paying job, probably in something like finance.

I was definitely one of these students, until my internship at IDEA. It is often hard to think about how your work directly affects others, either in a positive or negative way. Through my research at IDEA, I have been able to contribute to the highlighting of a major problem within the Debating Circuit that subsequently people are going to try hard to change.

There is a severe lack of female participation and inclusion within debating as a whole. This is a reflection not just upon debating, but the society we live in. It isn’t until statistics are firmly thrown in our face that we can begin to accept that there is a problem and we can start moving towards dealing with it.

So how has this influenced my future career plans?

It has felt really good to be able to contribute to a project that plays such a key role in my belief systems, i.e. the pursuit of equality and feminism. Working for a charity has made me realise that there are other options other than the PhD VS the Corporate Sell out, but my experience of working for a charity and seeing the impact I can have is something I will carry in whatever career I do.

Ideas for the future? Still unsure, but my time at IDEA has been amazing and something I will never forget.

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