European Universities Debating Championships – IDEAl

Last week, the European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC) took place in Manchester. It was a week of stress and fun. I was there as part of the Imperial delegation, who ended up rocking it.

When I first joined the Imperial College Union Debating Society, they had only ever “broken” (gotten to the finals or semi finals etc of a competition) at one competition. Since then, our society has started to really take over the debating scene. EUDC this year typified this growth in our society.

EUDC consists of three days, each having three rounds of debating. On days one and two, you get to know where you came in the debate, i,e, whether or not you came first, second, third or fourth. On day three, you dont get told which positions you get, so you worry about whether or not you get the right points that enable you to break.

The week started off really well with Imperial A, winning all of their initial rounds and going into the top room on the second day. Unfortunately, when it came to break night, the Imperial teams just missed out on the break, but ended up being in the top 30 speakers in Europe.

I went to EUDC as a judge and became the first ever Imperial person to break at an international competition. It was a fantastic experience. It was also amazing to see that EUDC were also investigating the same issues I have been for the best few weeks in my internship project. See what they’ve found out here.

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