KEEN London Finale

The final week at KEEN London, how the days flew by! My task this week was mainly focused on the requirements of the new site. I carried out an inventory of all the equipment KEEN has, involving toys, clothing, first aid kit etc. so that we could have a list of the things to purchase for the new site in east London. Moreover, we had a few raising awareness sessions at the KEEN Office, where we spoke to teenagers from the local schools, introducing them to KEEN and the volunteering recruitment programme in the hope to raise interest and provide new opportunities to KEEN East London.

It has been such a wonderful experience here at KEEN. I have learned a lot of useful skills that will hopefully help me in my future career plans. I have been working with the KEEN board of trustees, volunteers’ committee and the coordinator to organise multiple fundraising events, to increase awareness and approach the budget needed for the opening of the new site. Moreover, we improved the charity by updating the profiles of all our ‘athletes’, designing a survey to get a feedback from the parents and have a neat set of data. This has definitely been an invaluable experience and I would like to thank the Charity Insights Program for it.



KEEN is a charity for special people, and by that we do not mean only the children. It has been a privilege working with a fantastic team of volunteers and the parents of our athletes are just as good…here is the picture of a yummy cake a mum baked for KEEN!

I am looking forward to our Fundraising Pub Crawl tomorrow and I will definitely upload some pictures about it on Sunday!

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