More Excel? IDEAlly not…

My project involves a large amount of data processing. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. I’ll briefly break it down for you:

At an average debating competition, there are approximately 40 teams. Each team consists of 2 people. That’s 80 participants per competition. No information is provided about them apart from their name and their institution, and often people decide to input funny names instead of real ones.

The information from each debating competition is called a “tab”. I am currently processing over 50 tabs from 2010-2013. I have to identify each participants gender, which takes longer than you’d expect! I then have to work out the percentage of female participants, rank the different competitions in terms of their female participation percentage, and then work out the number of each gender and the gender compositions of the best teams.

I’m trying to make Excel a little bit more entertaining, but there is only so much colouring in cells can do.

Ahh well, boring bit over. Everything else at IDEA is amazing. A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine, Alex, helped to organise a show debate alongside Flair Debate Show, which I participated in. It’s not like your typical debate, as one of the “speeches” is in fact a rap, or poem or spoken word performance. It was incredibly interesting, and of course, our team won. The prize was a free meal in a nice Thai restaurant. Fun times!

Team Blue at the Flair Debate Show

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