KEEN London Fundraising_Part 2


In my last blog, I mentioned that most of my work was focusing on organising fundraising events for KEEN, so today I would like to share another project that I organised, which I must say was very different from what I expected and helped me develop many new skills.

The project entitled the design of an online survey. KEEN has been running for 10 years now, and the organisations who kindly fund KEEN London require a tangible outcome of how KEEN has had an impact on the children/teens that attend it, which means they want to know how it benefited them in their daily lives at home and at school. The survey is being sent to the parents of the children that attend KEEN, so that they could give examples of situations where they noticed improvements in their children thanks to KEEN. Designing a survey with a very tight time limit, calling the parents to ensure they fill it out and also analysing the data to write a report of the results have been tasks that I was assigned. It has been really helpful as it taught me data analysis, survey design and time management skills.

KEEN London has focused on generalised improvements such as, coordination and balance in movement, team work and social interactions development, boosted self-esteem and confidence of the children, for example in trips away from their parents or when involved in group games. These are all factors that KEEN as a charity aims to develop in the children who attend it, so that they can implement it in their daily lives and significantly improve their quality of life.

We are submitting the data to the fundraisers this week, so hopefully it will be up to their expectations! Wish us luck!!


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