KEEN Fundraising_Part 1

Hello everyone! It has been such a busy time at KEEN! As I previously mentioned KEEN London is a charity that works with children with disabilities in north London.  This charity has been running for 10 years now and there are plans of expanding it to East London. By November, KEEN will be offering sessions in a new site in order to accommodate more children, recruit more volunteers and provide more opportunities for the East Londoners!

This is a big project that requires a budget of £45,000! What a huge number! That is why most of my project has been focusing on organising fundraising events for this amazing charity. I would like to talk about one event in particular that I have been working on…the KEEN Pub Crawl!

It is a Pub Collection all the way down from Kentish Town to Camden Town, planned for this upcoming Saturday and my task included personally visiting every pub on the route to get a signed permission, so that we can perform the collection undisturbed. Thanks to my previous work in the Arabic Society as events officer, I have connections with other societies that have fancy costumes, which we will be wearing on the day to look funnier and persuade people to donate!

I found it quite challenging to go to every pub, since many were very reluctant, some even rude! Sometimes the manager wasn’t there and they kept telling me to come back another time or to send out e-mails…very disappointing when having a tight schedule! On the other hand though, some were really nice and I managed to get 7 pubs to consent! I also had to contact the local police station, to inform them of the collection and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

So, armed with buckets and fancy dresses, Saturday afternoon we go around North London and collect money! It will be a bunch of the volunteers, dressed up in costumes and KEEN T-shirts…so if you are around Camden this Saturday, remember to donate to KEEN!!!

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