A Good IDEA?

I’ve never had a proper job before, so two weeks working 9 to 5 at IDEA has been a bit of a reality check. Not because it hasn’t been fun, but it is a bit strange having to say to friends “I can’t come out today, I’m working”. However, even with the 7am wake up calls, I’m really enjoying my time at IDEA.

For those of you who don’t know, IDEA is a charity which works on a global scale to teach debating, a skill which is so, so, so beneficial. It can improve your confidence, your ability to read and write, and also, most importantly, can enable critical analysis of issues from more than one point of view. If you can think about an issue from someone else’s perspective, you are more likely to be able to understand and empathise with that person. Basically, debating = love and world peace.

I was really nervous about my first day, but I quickly settled in. My supervisor, Manos, took me for coffee to discuss the project I will be working on for the next couple of weeks, which I was really keen to get started on. Another colleague, Alex, said I could take as many of the books produced by IDEA as I wanted to.

The books were so neatly organised, I didn’t want to mess them up, but Alex told me they had loads of extras so I shouldn’t worry. All of the books seemed so interesting, so I snaffled them into my backpack. My back was not happy about this on the walk back to the station.

After my first day of work, Manos took me to the pub for a pint to ask how my first day had gone. I explained to him that I had been very nervous, mainly about having to make tea and coffee for people, but had felt relieved after seeing a list of how people like their hot beverages in the kitchen, I had felt reassured.

The atmosphere at IDEA is incredibly friendly and relaxed. So, a good IDEA? I reckon so.

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