KEEN London WEEK 1!!

It has been such a busy week here at KEEN!! I have enjoyed every bit of it so far! Just to give you a small insight on KEEN London. It is a charity that works with special needs children and provides a safe environment for them to socialise by organising recreational events, sports sessions, arts and crafts and so much more! It runs thanks to the enthusiasm and participation of many volunteers, that spare a couple of hours on a Sunday to enjoy themselves and make a kid smile!

I have been volunteering for KEEN myself for over a year, and that is when I realised I wanted to help out more! The Charity Insights program has provided me with a great opportunity to benefit KEEN as well as helping me gain new skills in the project!

My first week at KEEN implied the update of all our athletes (children) profiles, that contain relevant information about the child, their condition and what is the best way to interact with them. I have been contacting their parents non-stop so that I could obtain as much information as possible on the recent behaviour of the children/teens. They grow up so quickly and so do their needs!

To keep the profiles updated is essential to make sure that the volunteers are always comfortable when working with the children. The picture I have uploaded portraits me and two of the volunteers at KEEN, during one of the sessions. I am really looking forward to the following weeks where I will be organising fundraising events to raise money for this wonderful society!

I really want to thank the Charity Insights team for offering me such a great opportunity for the summer, whereI can gain skills, help others and have lots of fun!

Watch my space for some exciting news!!

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