Tenpin Bowling climb BUCS Rankings

BUCS Tenpin Bowling Championship took place in Sheffield last weekend.

The results were resounding. Former Captain Michael Lau and Former Vice-Captain Hui Erh Tay, our favourite bowlers, achieved 605 and 601 three-game series. Consistent and skilful, Xin Yan Goh and Gabriel Lim had overall averages of 155s. With high averages of 137 and 141, Hamizah Nor and Karson Wong, who joined this year, demonstrated how well beginners could bowl in tournaments. Big improvements were also made by our Captain Kelvin Wong, Treasurer Brendan Lo, and Jackie Leung, who maintained high averages of 159, 152, and 129 respectively.

As expected, the performance of Imperial Women Team was superb even though our competitors were strong. The number of bowlers with an average of 200 or above doubled compared to previous years. This tournament had never been so exciting. The team started off perfectly, defeating Warwick in the first round. The hiccup in the second round did not disrupt their spirit. Xin Yan Goh, Hamizah Nor, and Hui Erh Tay secured the third place after beating Warwick by 172 pins in the third round. They scored 4165 pins in 27 games. The first and second places went to Leeds Met and Nottingham Trent.

The departure of our BUCS Tenpin Bowling Representative Christopher Chan did not affect the position of our Imperial Men Team. In fact, our team was 434 pins better than last year, moving our position one step up to the 13th place.

“It was great to see our women team winning medals in BUCS Championship again. They played incredibly well today”, Team Captain Kelvin Wong said. “Very happy that our hard work paid off after plenty hours of practice. I am really proud of my team (not just the girls of course)”.
Thanks largely to our coaches Matt Miller and Mike Quarry for their support the past two weeks to brush up our skills. The experience and knowledge they brought was fascinating. Having the right coach is important, yet at the end of the day it comes down to the bowlers’ ability and hard work.

Our team believes that another success will emerge in the BUTBA Cup Final after the Easter break. We are confident and excited to play against Sheffield, Loughborough, and Portsmouth, who made their way back to the final after the play-off round. With the best squad in the recent years, Imperial should not be far from cutting the cake of success in the bowling alley.

If you are interested in supporting us, please drop us an email at tenpin@imperial.ac.uk or join our Facebook group (Imperial College Tenpin Bowling Soc 2012-13).

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