Month: March 2013

Tenpin Bowling climb BUCS Rankings

BUCS Tenpin Bowling Championship took place in Sheffield last weekend.

The results were resounding. Former Captain Michael Lau and Former Vice-Captain Hui Erh Tay, our favourite bowlers, achieved 605 and 601 three-game series. Consistent and skilful, Xin Yan Goh and Gabriel Lim had overall averages of 155s. With high averages of 137 and 141, Hamizah Nor and Karson Wong, who joined this year, demonstrated how well beginners could bowl in tournaments. Big improvements were also made by our Captain Kelvin Wong, Treasurer Brendan Lo, and Jackie Leung, who maintained high averages of 159, 152, and 129 respectively.

As expected, the performance of Imperial Women Team was superb even though our competitors were strong.