Bowled over by Tenpin


Having already achieved impressive 13.5-2.5 and 9-7 victories over Southampton and last year runners-up Portsmouth, Imperial Tenpin Bowling has had a promising start to the year. Portsmouth and Southampton, having suffered their defeat on Sunday 11th November in Newbury, must now wait to find out who can enter the BUTBA Cup finals, while IC had automatically qualified. With the strong support of the best bowlers in London, Matt Miller and Mike Quarry, the Imperial team is getting well-prepared as we make our way to our first ever tournament finals, which will be against Sheffield, Loughborough and the winner from the group stage.

‘It has been a historical moment for the Imperial team to enter the finals for the very first time.’ Team Captain Kelvin Wong said, ‘Every member of my team has put their full effort into bowling. I have a lot of faith in them to once again be outstanding in the finals.’

In the same month, Imperial Trios, the first Order of Merit tournament organised by Imperial, was hosted in Romford, North-East London. Three teams were sent from Imperial, bringing together both students and alumni bowlers, and IC came away with some incredible performances. Much congratulations to one of our teams, Xin Yan Goh, Gabriel Lim, and Gavin Lai, who were placed first runner-up in the student handicap division! More spectacularly, Xin Yan Goh and Gabriel Lim won the female and male high handicap games. It was also astonishing to witness two 300-perfect games being bowled by other members of the team that day.

With experience comes confidence; we know the road ahead and are ready to face even stronger opponents and pressure. We look forward to the BUCS Championship this coming February in hopes of achieving even better results than last year: most stunningly our women’s team won second. If you are interested in supporting us, drop us an email at or join our Facebook group, Imperial College Tenpin Bowling Soc 2012-13.

-Josephine Chiu (Tenpin Bowling Society Vice-Captain)

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