Month: December 2011

BUCS Duathlon: 2mile run->10mile bike->2mile run

We were graced with a cold foggy Sunday morning to drive out of London with a 9-seater mini bus stacked full of bikes and triathletes. Spirits were high but there were a few nerves about.  Three of us runners had done a duathlon before and the other three were complete newbies. We arrived in good time to register, check the bikes over and put them in the transition zone.

 The girls’ race was first at 2pm and we cheered Christiane off the start before getting warmed up for ours at 2.45. At the starting line Sam, Richard and I wrestled for a place near the front.

Hi-Fives all round for Imperial College

What is fives? Read on to the very end, and you could get involved and start your beautiful career.

Imperial College Fives society kicked off a promising start to the season after representing at the Universities Eton Fives Championships at Eton College on 12th November and in the BUCS Rugby Fives Championships at Marlborough College.

In fives, a ball is propelled against the walls of a special court using gloved or bare hands as though they were a racquet. Basically, you could say it was squash’s naughty ambidextrous stepsibling.

Rugby fives is very much that, a fast and furious game played with hands and can be played in doubles or singles.