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Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology

Following the signing of an agreement by the College and the University of Oxford on 1 August 2011, staff in the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology have transferred to the University of Oxford. From this date the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology has ceased to be an Institute within Imperial’s Faculty of Medicine.

The transfer follows consideration by the Trustees of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Trust about their support for funding rheumatology research.

Staff in the new Oxford institute will operate from the Aspenlea Road premises for the immediate future until their new building in Oxford is completed and available for occupation.

Wednesday 10 August update on public disorder in London

The disturbances that have affected some parts of London over recent days appear much reduced, with little activity reported overnight in the capital.

However, some disruption to journeys may remain, as a result of road closures and ongoing investigations. Staff and students who find their journeys severely affected are encouraged to contact their manager or academic supervisor to discuss the option of working remotely.

The College will continue to monitor the situation closely. The areas that have so far been affected are some distance from Imperial’s campuses. The College’s Security team is being extra vigilant and is prepared to step up activities should the disturbances spread to areas close to Imperial.

If you spot any suspicious activity around campus, please contact Security on 020 7589 1000 (or extension 4444 if dialing from a College phone).

For a list of useful resources, please visit the College’s Alerts page

New Chief Financial Officer appointed

Mr Muir Sanderson has accepted appointment as Chief Financial Officer with effect from 1 November 2011. As a member of the Management Board, and reporting to the Rector, he will be responsible for defining and delivering the College’s financial strategy, which includes investment management and fund development. He will also become a member of Council.

Mr Andrew Murphy, who has served as Acting Chief Financial Officer since December 2010 following Dr Martin Knight’s departure from the College, will return to his role as Director of Finance, reporting to Mr Sanderson.

Mr Sanderson will join the College from the management consultancy Booz & Company where he has worked for 17 years and was made a partner in 2001. While there he has worked with clients from a range of industries, notably financial services, the public sector and manufacturers of consumer goods, advising on and supporting the implementation of financial and business strategies. He has held senior leadership roles at Booz & Company including UK Managing Partner from 2007-2010 and he was a member of the team which created Booz & Company from the organisation Booz Allen & Hamilton in 2008.

Mr Muir holds an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining Booz Allen & Hamilton he worked in manufacturing engineering for the international automotive components company T&N PLC.

Read the full press release here

Warden vacancy – Clayponds Village

The College invites applications to the positions of Warden at Clayponds Village, available from September 2011.

Wardens are responsible for the smooth running of the hall of residence, and will receive rent free accommodation in the hall in return for pastoral, administrative and disciplinary duties, and management of the social programme. The Warden should be a good organizer, and possess a desire to help students develop a balanced approach to university life.

Clayponds Village is a collection of houses and flats which are home to 325 post-graduate students in South Ealing, approximately 10 km from the South Kensington Campus.

The post is open to all staff; it is particularly suitable for someone with experience of student pastoral care, and who would thrive living in a student community.

Please note: the successful candidate will be appointed on a one-year contract with the possibility of extensions thereafter.

For further information or a copy of the Terms of Reference and an application form, please e-mail Mrs Mickie Turner-Goble

The closing date for applications is 7 September 2011

Warning about thieves posing as plain clothes police officers in South Kensington area

Over the past few weeks there have several reports of two people posing as plain clothes police officers in the local area.

They will approach members of the public and state they are plain clothes officers and need to search them. Without the victim realising, they will hand back purses and wallets emptied of cash and credit cards.

Staff and students should be aware that police officers are not allowed to take any personal belongings, and if anybody is stopped by people posing as police officers they are to do the following:

  • Ask to see their warrant card. When on duty either in uniform or plain clothes police officers must at all time carry their warrant card
  • Ask what station they are attached to and then call “101” from any phone to confirm the identity of the officer
  • Once the identity has been confirmed, then and only then allow the officer to carry out a search.
  • Any person who has been unfortunate enough to have been challenged by these two posing as officers are to contact the police immediately.

See a sample of the police warrant card officers are required to carry at all times here

If staff have any queries regarding this issue, please contact Darren Barrow, Senior Security Officer

Road closures around South Kensington Campus in August.

Staff are advised that two pre-Olympic test events in August will affect roads around the South Kensington Campus.

A triathlon event will be held on 6 and 7 August in Hyde Park, which requires all of Hyde Park Corner to be closed from 05.00 to 12.00 on Saturday 6 August, and from 05.00 to 16.00 on Sunday 7 August.  TfL’s announcement can be found here (scroll down past the map).

The London-Surrey Cycle Road Race will be held on 13 and 14 August 2011, affecting roads in the Knightsbridge area. More information, including a detailed map of the road closures and restricted access roads, can be found here.

Local Pay Award 2011/12

Local Pay Bargaining takes place on an annual basis at Imperial, involving negotiations between the College and the Joint Trades Unions (JTUs).

Following the last local pay bargaining meeting on 6 July, the JTUs have confirmed their formal acceptance of the College’s local pay offer of 2% or £500 whichever is the greater effective from 1 August 2011.

The College’s pay scales and schedules of allowances have been updated to incorporate this increase. This applies to all staff on terms and conditions subject to local pay bargaining. Payment at the appropriate new rates will be made in August 2011 salaries.

For copies of the revised scales and allowances, please view the HR Salaries web page.

To read further information from this year’s local pay bargaining negotiations, including the JTUs pay claim and the College’s responses and final pay offer, please view the HR Local Pay Award 2011/12 web page.

For staff who elected to remain on terms and conditions subject to national pay bargaining, please view details of the 2011-12 national pay negotiations.

Arrange body MOT sessions for your department

The Energia fitness team at Ethos are running free and exclusive Body MOT sessions for departments across the College. Staff and students can take advantage of the 15-minute body health MOT checks which will show them an overall picture of their general health. The checks provide general health information using heart rate, blood pressure, body composition and body fat percentage measurements and the opportunity to discuss any health and wellbeing issues or questions in private with a qualified professional.

If your department is interested in arranging Body Health MOT checks, please email Samantha Bell, Sports Services Manager