Director of Bioservices

Professor Marina Botto, Professor of Rheumatology in the Department of Medicine, has accepted appointment as the Director of Bioservices from 20 July 2015.

In her role of Director of Bioservices, Professor Botto will report to the Provost and will have overall responsibility for animal care and for the College’s animal research strategy, as well as continued implementation of the College’s Action Plan for Animal Research. This includes delivery of the highest standards of animal welfare in research and continued commitment to the replacement, reduction and refinement of the use of animals in research (the 3Rs). Professor Botto will chair the Central Biological Services Management and Strategy Committee and be a member of the Governance Board for Animal Research.

Professor Botto will hold the role of Director of Bioservices alongside her role as Director of the Centre for Complement and Inflammation Research in the Department of Medicine. Professor Botto joined the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (now Imperial College London) in 1995 as a Lecturer. She was promoted to Professor in 2003.


John Neilson

College Secretary & Registrar

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