New President’s PhD Scholarship Scheme and changes to allocation of Rector’s Scholarships

The Management Board considered a paper which summarised the recommendations of the newly-formed Scholarships Panel, announced in Staff Briefing #65.

The Panel agreed that the goal of scholarships was to attract and retain the best students and recommended that a number of changes be made to the provision and criteria, including:

  • Undergraduate scholarships will be open to home, EU and international students.
  • Applicants for undergraduate scholarships should no longer be means tested, since home and EU students from household incomes of less than £60,000 per year are eligible for cash in hand and/or a partial accommodation fee waiver via the College’s Financial Support Package.
  • Departments should be pre-allocated undergraduate scholarship numbers to ensure an appropriate spread.
  • Scholarships for Taught Master’s students should no longer be offered since the College has little difficulty attracting applications from outstanding students for these programmes.
  • An enlarged and more generous President’s PhD Scholarship scheme should be established that will be open to home, EU and international students across the Faculties and Business School. The scheme will use funds raised from alumni annual appeals, income from the Endowment, existing doctoral schemes and funds from other sources (e.g. industry).

The Management Board approved these recommendations. Adverts will appear shortly for fifty PhD scholarships which will be awarded to individuals demonstrating exceptional potential, to begin at the College in October 2013.



4 comments for “New President’s PhD Scholarship Scheme and changes to allocation of Rector’s Scholarships

  1. Stephanie Chrysanthou says:

    I am interested in applying for a PhD scholarship. How and when can I apply?

  2. Jessica Adams says:

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for your comment. More information will be available shortly and we’ll make sure to share the link with you.

    Kind regards,
    Jessica Adams

  3. Jyoti says:


    I applied for this scholarship last year. But unfortunately, I was not successful. This year, I am also planning to apply. Lets see.

    Jyoti from Kathmandu, Nepal

  4. Jessica Adams says:

    Dear Jyoti,
    Thank you for your comment. Just to clarify, these scholarships are new this year. Please visit this website for more information;
    Best of luck with your application.
    Kind regards,

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