Change to number of ceremonies on graduation days

The Management Board approved recommendations that the College increase the number of ceremonies held at the Royal Albert Hall on Imperial’s graduation days from two to three in order to maintain the quality of the graduation experience. The changes will affect both the annual undergraduate Commemoration Day in October and the annual Postgraduate Graduation in May.

The driver for the change is that the number of graduates has continued to rise in recent years, as has the number of graduates choosing to attend the official ceremonies. This has put increased pressure on venue space on the South Kensington Campus, which in turn has impacted on the College’s ability to create an enjoyable experience for graduates. For example, waiting times for official photography have in some cases exceeded an hour, and reception venues have felt cramped due to the numbers being accommodated.

The new timetable (ceremonies at 11.00, 14.30, and 18.00) will be used for the first time on Commemoration Day on Wednesday 24 October.