Survey on green activities for final year project

An Imperial student is investigating the steps that staff and students are taking to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment for her final year project for her BSc in Ecology & Environmental Biology. Staff and students are invited to complete a survey, the results of which will be reviewed by the team in the Facilities and Property Management Division responsible for the College’s sustainability activities, and will influence future efforts to reduce the College’s carbon footprint.

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One comment for “Survey on green activities for final year project

  1. Hilary Barton says:

    I always turn lights off and other appliances when not in use. At work I am constantly going around switching lights left on in empty meeting rooms and toilets. I recyle as much as possible. I buy clothes from charity shops . I buy organic produce whenever possible. I use mostly natural based cleaning products. I do not keave the tap running whilst brushing my teeth. I take a shower instead of a bath. I stop the shower whilst shampooing my hair and switch it back on to rinse. I do not have the heating on too high. I have had my loft insulated to save energy. I run a 1000cc car and do not make unnecessary journeys in it. I always try to carry a bag so I do not have to use more plastic bags and any plastic bags I do accumulate I use for putting rubbish in. I use energy efficient light bulbs where possible. I do not use areosols – but pump sprays.

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