Co-curricular education: implementation plan

The Management Board approved plans to implement the provision of co-curricular (‘beyond the curriculum’) education within the new framework for the College Teaching Day, both announced in Staff Briefing 69.

Key points agreed were:

  • The roll out of the new programme will be phased. The programme will be offered to first year undergraduates only in 2012-13, extending to second year undergraduates in 2013-14, then to third year undergraduates in 2014-15 and so forth.
  • The timetables of first year undergraduates will include an allocated slot for co-curricular activities from 16.00 – 18.00 on Monday evenings. Any departmental-specific co-curricular activities will be scheduled at other times throughout the week.
  • An Undergraduate Co-Curriculum Committee to include representatives of all Faculties and ICU will be established as a sub-committee of the Strategic Education Committee. The Committee will be responsible for consulting with departments to determine what co-curricular programmes are required, and overseeing the commissioning, approval and quality assurance of courses.