Carbon Management Strategy

The Management Board considered a paper by Facilities Management, which outlined successes and challenges for the College’s carbon management strategy.

The successes noted include the ‘hit the button’ campaign, encouraging staff to switch off their computers when not in use, and the Student Switch Off initiative which promotes sustainable behaviour among students in halls of residence. The paper also reported the positive results of trials to reduce the energy usage of buildings, which have included reviewing and optimising the operation of central heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Challenges faced include the difficulty in progressing energy-saving actions quickly due to the amount of consultation required, as well as the ongoing need to engage staff and students in steps they can take to reduce energy usage, as highlighted through the StepChange campaign.

The report noted future plans for carbon management at Imperial, including new processes to review building projects and influence sustainable options in design, and the development of further awareness and publicity campaigns.

To read more about Facilities Management’s approach to sustainability, visit the website;