Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions

Dr Nicola Rogers, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine, has accepted appointment as Director of Student Recruitment and Admissions with effect from 26 September 2011. Dr Rogers will have academic oversight of the strategic direction of all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate recruitment, reporting to Professor Julia Buckingham, Pro Rector (Education and Academic Services). The position is part-time; Dr Rogers will spend a day a week continuing to work on her academic activities in the Department of Medicine.

Dr Rogers joined the College in 1996 as a postdoctoral scientist. Following a nine-month period working at Oxford University in 2002, Dr Rogers returned to the College as a Lecturer of Immunology, and Course Organiser for the MSc in Immunology. Dr Rogers became a Senior Lecturer in 2007 and has additionally held the position of Course Director of the BSc in Infection and Immunity within the Department of Medicine since 2009. Since January 2011 she has been Deputy Chair of the Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Committee. Her research focuses on understanding the immunopathology of the chronic autoimmune disease Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). Dr Rogers received a Rector’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2009 and the first Department of Medicine annual teaching award earlier in 2011.