Learning and Development Centre Stress Awareness Days

Dates: 30 June 2011 (South Kensington) & 04th July (Hammersmith Campus)

Times: 09.30 – 16.30

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“The recent Staff Survey indicated that during the last twelve months a significant number of staff have experienced pressure they consider to be unreasonable. We recognise that many people are working at capacity and doing more with less is becoming increasingly difficult. Whilst long term resolutions are being considered, the Stress Awareness Day, organised by the Learning and Development Centre, provides an early opportunity for individuals to explore ways of dealing with pressurised situations and minimising the personal impact.”

Sir Keith O’Nions Rector

The Learning and Development Centre is running two Stress Awareness Days on Thursday 30 June (South Kensington) and Monday 04 July (Hammersmith) for Imperial College Staff (and Imperial NHS trust). The activities on offer are 30 to 45 minutes long, and hopefully this will enable most of us to take a break from the office, and make the most of this day. More information can be found at the web link above.