Coaching available to help staff with work-related challenges

Help with work-related challenges and support to refine skills and explore options for action is available to staff from trained Imperial coaches. 28 coaches, who are members of staff in a range of academic and professional services roles across the College, are willing to assist other staff to address work issues and support career development. All coaches have participated in the College’s Coach Development Programme and receive regular support and training. They take on coaching assignments in addition to their main responsibilities and, unlike mentors, do not need to have expertise in the work or discipline area of their ‘coachee’ to offer support.

Coaches are able to offer up to four confidential meetings over a period of three to six months and have worked on issues including:

  • Developing strategies for managing time and external pressure more effectively
  • Enhancing the quality of delegation and staff motivation
  • Improving interpersonal/communication skills
  • Enhancing decision-making and influencing skills
  • Managing a change project

To find out more about how coaching could play a part in your development visit this site, or email Judy Barnett, Talent Development Manager if you are interested in working with an Imperial coach.