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Aero Projects and Move Timetable

The department continues to invest in new and refurbished facilities and laboratories as we prepare for the move. The headline big projects currently underway include

  • Refurbished 10×5 (formerly Honda) wind tunnel
  • New T1 and T2 wind tunnels in the CAGB building to replace the old 3×3 and Donald Campbell wind tunnels
  • New Flight Simulator located in CAGB to replace the present Motus Simulator
  • New Mach 5 Supersonic wind tunnel
  • New Flight Arena building at the back of CAGB (visible from Dalby Court) for Aerial Robotic teaching and research

Below is the latest timetable for these projects


October 2016 Update

In coming months a plan for the scheduled move of the Department of Aeronautics to the CAGB building on Exhibition road will be announced. It is expected that the move will take place over a period of about 6 weeks in the summer of 2017. The move will consist of

  • Academic offices
  • Administration
  • Aero labs and workshops

The department will then occupy most of the space in the building next to Exhibition Road (shown below), with some lab space and shared spaces in CAGB, Skempton, Roderic Hill and ACE.




AMP Phase 3 works

The AMP Phase 3 refurbishment works are underway. MED offices and labs in the central core of the CAGB building from level 2 upward, have been decanted into the annexe spaces. There is currently no access to the main CAGB foyer which is also undergoing refurbishment.

The works in these areas are due for completion in Dec 2016. Following that, MED will recant into the main CAGB building allowing phase 4 to begin. This essentially involves building works on the annexe part of CAGB for Aeronautics to move in July 2017.

For those needing access to the southern end of CAGB, there is a swipe card entrance on Imperial College Road.

Supersonic Project Update

The contractor Russell Cawberry has been appointed to construct the new laboratory. They will work alongside the tunnel contractor, Quadratec to build the facility.

The expected start date for these works is 14th July with completion by the end of October 2016.

For users of the Gun Tunnel and ISP, there will be a period of disruption whilst the Nitrogen tank gets re-located and the entrance way built. Both of these events will be discussed with users and programmed to minimise downtime or other disturbance.

10×5 and L50 Laboratory Refurbishment

L50 Closure: 28th October 2015 – 31st March 2016

Work begins on the L50 Laboratory from Wednesday 28th October 2015. If you have any activities or equipment stored in that lab (including the mezzanine) could you make arrangements for them to be moved or come and see me. (the braiding apparatus will remain in the present location)

In the next week or so, we will gather together all items that remain and I will email with a window of opportunity for people to come and see if they wish to keep anything. After that, we will dispose of unwanted items.

Below are the activities over coming weeks for reference:

  • Relocate Flight Arena to the Old Composites ACEX150 (starting 28-10-15)
  • Relocate Gas guns to the Old Composites ACEX150  (starting 2-11-15)
  • Relocate 3rd 10×5 research room to RODH163 (slot tba)
  • Dismantle mezzanine floor (starting 9-11-15)
  • Dismantle 10×5 control rooms
  • Remove existing heating from crane beams
  • Remove unwanted crane and alter existing crane
  • Install new heating
  • Install new lighting
  • Decorate L50

New Year: Refurbishment of 10×5 begins.

Composites and Autoclave move Complete

This August 2015, the Composites Suite and Autoclave moved from its old location in the ACE Extension building to brand new laboratories in the City and Guilds building. The suite is located in room 125 which is directly below the main entrance of Imperial College on Exhibition Road. Use the lift or stairs from road level to go down to level 1, turn left and walk down the main central corridor, then turn right where signposted. If you require access, please see the workshop supervisor, Gary Senior who can give you an induction. We can then get your swipe card enabled.

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