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Further Delay

Due to the slow progress of the main contractor Kier, the college has decided to delay the start of the moves until Friday 18th August. More information about your move will come from Yanna Petter as soon as it is available.

Your Move Day is Approaching

By now you should all have received an email from the AMP User Coordinator, Yanna Petter with details of your move date. If you have not received this email please contact her as soon as possible.

Further crates are available by the lift on each floor level between ACE and Roderic Hill. For more labels or packing materials, please contact Yanna.

A reminder that valuable personal items and laptops should be kept with you and not left with the crates to be moved.

New Kier Handover Delay

We have been informed that the main contractor, Keir will delay the handover of the project to Imperial by one week until the 14th August. We are looking at the move programme to see what impact this will have given the present dependencies.

This may lead to a shift in your office move date but once we have fully assessed the impact a revised programme will be issued.


Disruption to Experimental Services

With the recent issue of downtime dates for machinery and equipment in the various workshops, there has been an increase in requests for work before equipment is taken out of service. For the main workshop this means that it is now very unlikely that longer project work can be completed in the time remaining until after the move to CAGB.

As this very much depends on the size and nature of the jobs being requested, it is strongly suggested that any urgent work is discussed with Roland Hutchins or the other workshop managers to see what might be possible.

There are a number of outsourcing options that may be suitable. The workshop would be happy to offer advice on this. Please do not hesitate to come and see me if there are any circumstances that require further discussion.

Aeronautics Laboratories and Services Moving Downtime and Disruption

The move of the Experimental Services and Laboratories begins on August 7th 2017. The closures and moves outlined below are based on present assumptions regarding handover dates from the main building contractor, Kier. If the handover is delayed, then these dates will inevitably slip. This is outside of our control although we will be putting every pressure on the project team to prevent slippage. Remember no machining work will be possible during the closure.

I will list only areas I have some information for (others will follow when data is available)

1. Technology Laboratory presently RH155A, moving to CAGB225 Last day of normal operation Friday 4th Aug

Resumption of use of some machines; Monday 4th Sept

2. Modelshop Presently RH155 moving to CAGB226 Last day of normal operation Wednesday 9th Aug

Back in operation: Tuesday 14th Aug

3. Main Workshop Presently ACEX151 moving to CAGB225 and CAGB148 Last day of normal operation Friday 4th Aug

Machines will begin to be operational from 6th September.

4. Student Workshop Presently on the Mezzanine in main workshop. Moving to CAGB223 Last day of normal operation Tuesday 5th Sept

Back in operation from 13th Sept

5. Electronics Workshops Presently in RH157. Moving to CAGB223A TBC
6. 50mm Gas Gun, Hopkinson Bar, Small gas gun Presently in the decant ACEX150 area. Moving to Hypersonics The operation of the guns will be unaffected by the move until Christmas 2017. In the new year, these facilities will move into Hypersonics within the new High Speed Flows Laboratories.
7. Donald Campbell Wind Tunnel Presently in RH164. Being replaced by Tunnel T2 in CAGB204 The Campbell Wind Tunnel will be unaffected until it closes on the 20th December 2017. The replacement tunnel is known as T2 and will then be up and running.
8. 3×3 and 18″ Closed Circuit Wind tunnels Presently in RH351. Being replaced by T1 in CAGB204 The 3×3 and 18″ Closed Circuit wind tunnels will be unaffected until they close on the 20th December 2017. These two tunnels will be replaced by T1 in CAGB204.
9. Wind Tunnels in the Flow Control Laboratory Presently in RH156. Moving to L50 (south) The 30×30 wind tunnel will be scrapped.

The 30×5 wind tunnel will be stored/scrapped.

The 20″ wind tunnel will be moved to the south end of L50 and be outfitted with a new AC motor and controller.

Downtime is expected to be 3 weeks. Date of move TBC


Packing cases

For those who would like to pack themselves or prepare delicate items for transit, a stack of packing crates will be placed next to the paper/card disposal bins on each floor. Please help yourselves to the crates, but only take those you need.

Once the crate is packed, please label it with your name and current room number and leave it in your office or lab until the scheduled move date.

Wrapping material such as bubblewrap will be available on request.